Monday, June 20, 2011

The end and the final chapter

Spend Sunday in Umhlanga. Woke at about 07:30, had breakfast, went down to chemist to get something for the eye and the dry skin and relax. Met my cousin and his wife for coffee at 14:00 and had a pleasant afternoon. Went for pizza and popped into Grace Family Church on my way home. Got to bed by 21:30. Had a very restless night with lots of sweeting and waking up. Ended up taking a sleeping pill, which put me away for four hours.

Booked out after breakfast, got collected by my cousin and dropped at the airport and caught plane home at 13:10. Everything went fine. Bike arrived in Cape Town in good condition even though it was not wrapped at all. Got home at 16:45 and went to doctor at 17:15. After check over he confirmed kidney infection and some slime on the lungs. Put onto antibiotics. Heart seems OK and should be able to get going again soon.

With this I am signing off from the 2011 Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa. The time I managed to participate was very tough, but fantastic. This definately is not for sissies. The weather conditions through the Karoo also seems to make it a tuffer that usual with tick mad being experianced by the competitors. Is was great to be part of it!



  1. Goeie werk oom Philip! Klink omtrent of dit `n ervaring was. Geniet die recovery, die motorfiets en sagte bed!