Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day five

What a pleasure to "lie in" a bit when you are on such a hectic schedule. We got up just before for breakfast together with Justin and Mike Woolnaugh who were taking the kit of the Riders to Rhodes though to Vuvu. After they left we were just taking it easy. Outside there was quite a cold wind blowing, so we remained inside most of the day. After lunch we washed our bikes and I fitted the spare chain I brought along. During previous evening Mike and Justin "took me on" on the weight of my pack. The result was that I "dumped" some excess clothing and some equipment as well as fitting the chain. In total I must have managed to shed about 2-3 kgs.
The first riders of the next group arrived at 16:20. Among them was a doctor and I queried him about my inability to get my heartbeat up. He checked the regularity of my pulse and found nothing wrong. He did mention that I may have light influenza, even though I do not have a cough. The test of the days group clocked in between 18:00 and 20:00. They were affectionately know a "the fat farmers". Most of them were farmers from the Natal Midlands and they carry some excess weight. There were four ladies in this group to.
As the stretch from Malekonyane to Vuvu is very long, the decision was to get up at three and start riding at four. Outside the wind was picking up speed!

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