Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dag 2

Day two
What a day! 103 km in 15 hours 20 minutes! Climbed over 2,300 meters. Due to the severity of the climbs, a fair amount of time was spent pushing. Fatigue probably also had something to with it. I remember from my childhood, when I spent five years in Natal, that this place is very "up and down" with one hill followed by another. The problem also is that most of the hills have a number of "false" tops. You think you are at the top, but then there are still a number of tops before you get to the end. I do not know if I ever have been so "knackered" as today! This race really is though. Most definitely not for sissies! We will have to dig deep and push on! And I fell about ten times. Fornufately all at less than 5kph

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