Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4

Day four

Due to the fact that we only got into bed at 01:00, we decided that we will start later and got going at 07:48. Once again navigation was not that difficult and we were making good time. I was having difficulty with energy levels being short of breath. Where I often get my heart rate up to 150, I was now running out of breath at 120! we had to cross some flood planes but it was mostly rideable or walkable. We missed Queens Mercy shop, but was lucky enough to foknd the Mpharane Supermarket! We bought a Coke to share and George had a tin of baked beans. I had the sandwich which I made for lunch. We then had to go up a hill where we had to carry our bicycles due to steepness. Once at the top, we were rewarded with the most breath taking views. Finding our way down was quite tricky. There was a Freedom Challenge marker, but the track seemed go to a dead end. We continued a bit further and found our way down to the Gladstone farm house. We once again pocked on an incorrect road, but saw from the map that it would get us to our destination. We arrived at 19:00 after 11:11 for 63 km and they say this is supposed to be an easy day! Due to our level of exhaustion, we decided to take the next day off, rest properly and continue again on Friday.

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  1. Ons hoop julle het lekker gerus en is vol energie vir more! Geniet! Alles klink asemrowend!!