Thursday, June 12, 2014

RASA Day 2

RASA Day 2
We got up at 04:00 for a 04:30 breakfast. In the end we had breakfast at 04:45 and left at 05:20. We managed to get the rout out of Allendale due to help we had from Ian Waddilove the previous evening. We did join the district road a little up from were we should have, but identified our position and found the turn off to the plantation loading site. We had no problem through the Donnybrook forest and made good time. From there went through the forest. There were a number of tricky areas where we had to back track but we got through in the end and for the first time in three attempts I actually join the tar road at the right point. We got onto Centacow at 10:20. We had a leisurely stop and got going again at 11:20.
The next section included two monster climbs. They both were about 5 km and both took about an hour each. We walked more than we rode on those hills. In between we had to cross a river, which we managed to do without getting wet by tip toeing over the rocks, and had a pleasurable ride through a blue-gum forest. We entered Ntsikeni Reserve via the famous Northern Gate by way of the "ladder" over the fence. I clocked in at Ntsikeni Lodge at 16:55, 5 minutes after Coen and 15 minutes before George.

Total distance for the day was 102 km with 2,800 meters of climbing and a riding time of 11:52.

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