Monday, June 16, 2014

RASA Day 3

RASA Day 3
The rout out of Ntsikeni has changed slightly do we decided to leave an hour later than normal so that will do less on the dark. This turned to be a good decision and we found the right rout. This was difficult and it took us 2:30 to do the first 9.5 km. the next 10 took about 1:30 and then we were on district roads and made hood time to reach our interim stop at 11:20. We left there after 40 minutes.

After this we were mostly on district roads for the 20 km with a number of big climbs, but not as serious as yesterday. We then took a left turn through some villages and a wattle plantation down to the Little Umzimvubu River. After crossing it we had a fairly rough climb of about 3 km to another district road. We were on this road for 2 km after which we took another left turn. The next 4.6 km was over some undulated ground and through some wet lands and wattle plantations. Here after it was another little monster for the next 4 km which took us about an hour. We finally got onto Masakala at 17:50.

Total distance 93.17 km; total ascent 1,818 meters; total time 11:42

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