Monday, June 16, 2014

RASA Day 5

RASA Day 5
Ongeluksnek to Vuvu. It was the usual early rise for a 05:00 start. We actually got going at 05:09. Con, who started with us but went ahead, had some navigation issues two nights before and decide to lay over and wait for us. Later the evening Kevin Davie also arrived, so our group was five strong now.

We had an uneventful ride past Chaba Chita and up to Black Fountain. On the way to Tiana Mission we missed the second right turn, but fortunately realised mistake  very quickly and did mot loose any time. We also found the correct path down the cliffs at Tiana mountain and stopped for a break at the abundant Mission Station at 11:00.

From here we had to make our way to the Vuvu valley. Half way there a fears head wind picked. In some areas where we normally picked up time, we were now force to push our bikes. This lasted right into the Vuvu valley where we had some protection from the high mountains around us. Going in the valley was slow as there are very few tracks to follow. We got through with about a hour of daylight to spare.

The group picked up some discord with Coen and Con wanting to take the conventional route while Kevin wanted to try the alternative. In the end Coen and Con went ahead and George and myself decided to go with Kevin. Our route was to consist of major climbing and then an easy ride in. The climb once again was a monster and we reached the top just as the daylight started to fade. Unfortunately we could not the "easy" road, but came up against a brand new fence. Fortunately we could see the lights of the Vuvu mast in the distance and headed in that direction. As we got closer we saw a light flashing and thinking that this may be our riding partners, headed in that direction. This turnout to be the school master of the Vuvu school who showed us the way home. We arrived 45 minutes after Con and Coen.

Total riding time was 13:32 to cover just over 62 km!

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