Monday, June 16, 2014

RASA Day 4

RASA Day 4
Masakala to Ongeluksnek, a total distance on 64 km and a relatively easy day. We therefore decided to only start at 06:00. In the end we got going at 06:09. We started of by missing the first turn at the school within the first 2 km! We realised our mistake very quickly and back tracked to the correct track. Initially it was not to cold, but as we moved down into the floodplain the temperature dropped to -9.2! My hands were freezing. The rest of the body was fine because of the physical effort in peddling. I even was pleased when we encountered a hill due the extra body heat generated through peddling.

Our first turnoff was at 15.5 km, but there was some "disharmony" in the group on which turnoff to take. After some consultation with dome of the locals, we took the next turn at 18.1 km. This turned out to be a dead end, but we could see the clump of wattles we were aiming for so we made our way there through the short grass. There picked the right track and made our way to Queen's Mercy. This was closed so we just took a short break. As soon as we got going, the wind picked up. We were traveling on a NW direction and the wind was NE. We stopped at the Maria Linden School to fill our water bottles.

We once again encountered some problems finding the right track up to Mprhane hill. We managed to get to the right track but not as per the narratives. Fortunately we did not loose to much time. The wind was really pumping now. The route down the mountain was marked very clearly, but the wind was a real problem until we were down far enough not to feel the wind any longer. We made our way to Gladstone farm. From there it was fairly straight forward to the Maria Zell Mission and the new route to Ongeluksnek. We clocked in just before 15:00.

Total distance 64.67 lm; 1,281 meter ascent; total time 8:45.

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