Sunday, June 22, 2014

RASA Day 10

RASA Day 10
George's dad brought him a new tyre from Queenstown and we managed to get it fitted properly on the second attempt. That was a great relieve for George.

The Stormberg area is well for low temperatures and were prepared for a cold start. We managed to get going at 06:20 and the first 20 km was on good district roads with mo major climbs. We covered this in 1:45 and measured a temperature of -11.5! We them turned onto some local farm tracks and had a wonderful time just enjoying the ride through the "veld" on good farm tracks. This was a really beautiful morning and we had a ball. This eventually led us to the track up to Stromberg, a site of one of the major Anglo/Boer War battles. We lost our way a little towards the top where the track disappears, but found our way to the block house where we arrived at 10:15.
From the block house we travelled through the actual area where the battle took place and then onto the R56 for a short while before getting onto another gravel road heading SW some farms to the farm De Rust, where we picked up s farm track again. On this road we encountered a most peculiar sight. At 12:34 in the afternoon there were icicles hanging from the fence and the surrounding bushes. This was because some sprayers were running and the water must have frozen when it came into contact with the fence and bushes. A most amazing sight.

From De Rust we travelled around some "koppies" before reaching a district road, which took us to our next support station at Romansfontein.

Total time: 8:23:47; total distance: 86.05 km; total climbing: 902 meters.

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