Friday, April 1, 2016

BB2BB Day 1

I started this post in Afrikaans but as I know there will be people reading it who do not understand it, I will continue in English. So those people must please skip the next four paragraphs.

Alles was reeds teen Donderdagmiddag gepak. Wekker het my 04:00 uit die vere gejaag en Johan Schoeman was 04:45 voor die deur.

Inbesprking het goed afgeloop, behalwe dat Kulula my net tot 4 bommetjies beperk het, met die gevolg dat 2 moes weeggooi.

Rustige vlug Johannesburg met die luukse van 'n oop sitplek langs my. Ons het so 08:20 geland. Tereyl ek so en wag vir die deure om oop te gaan, lui my foon. Groot was my verbasing toe fit my 7 jarige kleindogter is wat na my welstand verneem! Priceless!

By die grootbegasie toonbank lig hulle my in dat my fiets om karoesel sal uitkom. Na 'n ruk se wag noem een van die passasiers vir my dat daar 'b fietsak by toonbank is! My bedtuurder was reg op tyd en ons  het ongeveer 09:00 die pad Beitbrug toe gevat.

The ride to Beigbridge was without incident. I was in Bela Bela in about 2005 but I have only been as high as Musina once before and that was for a three week army camp in 1971! I was pleasantly surprised by the lush vegetation of the Bushveld. There are no signs if a drought up here. Driving through towns like Louis Trichart (Makhado) and Musina, you do realize the difference in culture and living standard between the rural countryside and city life.

We arrived at Beitbridge just before 15:00. I got my bike together, took sone photo's and got going at 15:01! They would not allow me to taken any photo's of the border post, I had to settle for a photo showing Beigbridge left and Musina right.

The from BB to Musina took me down the old railway service road. Fortunately I had the track on my Garmin. The turn-off to the track was unmarked and very obscure with the result that I cycled past it. Once on the track I was away from all traffic and had a pleasant down to Musina. There were some sandy patched and some storm damage from long gone years. In one place the old cement railway sleepers were all over the path. A sure sign of one big flood years ago.

The lodge I was staying at was on the opposite side of the road, so I first had to cycle into town and then go back about 1 km on the main road. The state of the building at the main gate did not leave a good impression and the lady at reception looked surprised when I informed her that I had a booking. She re-appeared after a while confirming that all was OK and took me go my room. The second impression was much better. The room is nice snd clean with a clean and neat bathroom, air conditioning and TV(which I have not bothered to switch on).

I had a shower, washed my cycling gear and am now waiting for supper. A guy just pitched up saying that the chef has a problem at the border, but he will have a T- bone and some chips ready at 19:30. He also offered me a breakfast pack for tomorrow morning  as I want yo get going at 05:15. Casper Venter and a friend is going to meet me along the way and ride with me to Waterpoort. I hope to be in dreamland by 22:00

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