Sunday, April 17, 2016

BB2BB Day 17

The night could have been better! I git to bed before 20:00. At 21:28 the neighbourhood's dog all decided to start barking at the same time. I did eventually get back to sleep, but then had problems with a mosquito! The only solution was to draw the sheet over my head.

Cindy, my host at Masakala, arrived just after my alarm went off at 04:30. I had a good helping of Jungle Oats and a couple of fish fingers for breakfast. She also boiled me two eggs to take along. I made myself a cheese sandwich from the "pot brood" which came with breakfast.

The wheels started rolling at 05:36. I had a few problems get all the correct turn-off's, but nothing too serious in terms of wasting time. The first part was cow tracks down to a dry, sandy riverbed. There were more cow tracks and some form of a road resulting in slow progress. After about 5 km I linked up with a tar road. 2 km later I took a left turn onto a gravel road. My next reference point was a track heading off the left after 9 km. I followed this track, which really was a form of a road through the houses, but it obviously was not used but motor to any great extend. This turned into a "twee spoor paadjie" generally head SW.

I was now entering the Kinera Flood Planes. My route was made up of various foot paths used by the locals to moved between little settlements. I passed through about four of these and also had to cross various streams three time. Sone were so narrow, i could jump across while others had to be negotiated with some skill to ensure I did now get my shoes muddy. I git to the long closed Queens Mercy shop after 4 hours. I sat down on the grass in front of the building and had my sandwich and eggs.

This was followed by a district road of 9 km before the ascent up Mparane ridge. To get to the top of this hill, I had to carried my bike on my back fir about 50 meters. The path continues along the ridge for 4.5 km to s Freedom Challenge "bokkie" on the left. Turning left I had to push my bike down the side of the mountain for about 1 km. Thereafter there was a ridable path down to river, which could be crossed by stepping on stones protruding above the flow if the water. The next kilometer was a cow track through long grass leading up to the Gladstone Farmstead. Thus must have a majestic dwelling in its day. Built from sandstone, similar to what one finds in Oudtshoorn. It now is a derelict building with a rusted roof and no window panes!
After the Gladstone Farmstead I followed a jeep track through the veld to the edge of another cliff which I managed to get down without any major problems. The rest of the day's riding consisted of a path through some more long grass, one more river crossing, which I again managed without getting
my feet wet and the last couple of kilometers up a steep incline to the Malekhalonyane Chalets.

Time 7:46:55; distance 59.7 km; average speed 7.67 kph. The average speed is a reflection of how technical today's riding was!

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