Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday 25 April 2010

During the week of 25 April to 1 May 2010 I rode from Kleinpoort to Monatgu. Day 1 started at 07:04 from Kleinpoort to Cambria. I had some problems finding the route from Bucklands to Tretyre, but got there without losing too much time. made good time to Perdeberg. Discovered that the "farmstead" was nothing more than a large "sheppard shed". Could not find the "fence" as described in the narrative. Did find a track further to the right. Halfway up the hill, I took a calculated decision and decided to that I may end up at the top of a cliff with no way down and went down to the valley and straight west to Hottentotspoort. From there I took the public route to the Groot River gorge. by the time I got to the entrance of the Osseberg Pass, it was 16:00. I once again took a calculated decision and decided that it will be better to take the long way round with the public road, rather that go down the Osseberg Pass and through 11 river crossing and trying to get over a 3 meter high gate in the dark. I eventually arrived at Cambria at 20:00. 164km in 13 hours.

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