Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 June 2010

We got going at 07:50. had some problems find to route after going through the farm yard at Die Fontein, but somebody has erected a small sign of a bicycle and when we saw that we knew we are on the right route. Towards the top the surface was perry rough, forcing us to revert to pushing. The rest of the route was easy to find and easy to ride. The owner at the Doornrivier shop and post office mentioned that the Cape Epic came past his place during a previous year, so we were in good company. Encountered a vicious headwind around the Brandvlei dam. At one point it was so bad, we had to get off our bicycles as we were just about blown over. Arrived at our parked car by 12:30 after doing 71km.

By now I have covered 41% of the total distance of the Freedom Challenge. Will have to see if some additional distances can be done before June 2011!

Since the previous trip I changed to an old saddle off my old road biker and encountered no "backside" problems this time.

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