Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friday 30 April 2010

Gamkaskloof to Rouxpos. Looking forward to a not too stressful day with the Ladder as the major obstacle to overcome. Got going at 08:01 after picking up unit left with Estelle for charging during the night. Arrived at the foot of the ladder just after 09:00. Was amazed at how comfortable it is to carry a bicycle on your back if you have a rucksack on your back! Took me 1:15 to cover the 1.8km with an accent of 700m. The feeling of exaltation when reaching the top is difficult to describe. The ride from the top of the Ladder to the public road, a distance of 15km is very rough. Once you hit the public road the going is easy and I reached Rouxpos at 14:15. A distance of 66km in 6:15 hours with 1.6km of climbing.

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