Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trouthaven to Wellington

Trouthaven to Wellington

After a good night’s rest, I managed to get going at 05:55. While I was busy getting dressed, I realised that it was rather cold. I therefore decided to put my leggings and winter jacket on. Once I got going, the temperature settled at about 4-5 degrees Celsius, but the closer I got to Rawsonville, the colder it got, reaching down to 2.4! As I had to go through Rawsonville, most of the day’s travelling would be on tar. Total distance would be about 10km further, but travelling time would probably be 6-7 hours shorter. I stopped at an open Café and bought my customary 1-liter Coke. At the same time I got my winter beanie and windbreaker out to help keep me warm. I was not too pleasant sharing a road with cars and trucks, especially after a couple of days with just about no traffic. I did find the drivers curteous and no one tried to push me off the road. A number a vehicles actually crossed the white line while passing me. The N1 also had a good shoulder. The section between Rawsonville and the N1 and the old Pass from the tunnel to the top did not have much of a shoulder, but had very little traffic. It took me 51:54 to do the 7km from the old tunnel to the top of the pass. From there it was down hill all the way into Wellington. I arrived at the Wimpy at 10:15. A relitive short and easy day. 56.78km; 3:57:59 riding time; 4:20:22 travelling time; 736m climbing.

Summary for the trip:

549.17km; 7,465m climbing; 43 hours in the saddle.

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