Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rouxpos to Montagu

Got up at 05:45, had oats for breakfast and hit the road at 05:55. The first section to the divisional road was uneventful in the dark with some fast flowing ups and downs and a mean little hill at the end. After s couple of kilometers I took the turn-off to Wagendrift. This is the section where I lost my way last time ending up using to tar options. This time I did my homework better and got it right. There is a reference in the notes not to take to left turn after the farmhouse. Last I had the wrong farmhouse. The route through the veldt was quite nice with s few sandy patches and a two meter high fence. 
Fortunately Johann Rissik warned me about this gate and told me to go underneath about 30 meters to the left. That definitely was easier than trying to scale a 2-meter gate! 
The condition of the track was generally hard and easy to follow. It ended at a major from which the next turn-off was 9km further on. This track took through the mountains, up some dry riverbeds, which forms part of the track, through the North Eastern part of the Anysberg Reserve, a farm of a farmer who is trying to restrict access and back into Anysberg. The road through the reserve generally was in a fair to good condition with some very bumpy and rocky sections, which did not go down well with a backside, which had to support a 10kg rucksack. I was glad once I reached the end of the reserve because the road improved immediately. This linked onto the Montagu/Touwsriver, linked with the Montagu/Ladismith road. Both roads were in excellent condition but with some more climbing leading onto die Ou Berg Pass. From there is was a mad dash to the bottom followed by some more mostly downhill sections resulting in me making good time, although some of the corrugations did not go down well.
Statistics for the day: 144.6km; 9:57:41 riding time; 11:13:57 total time; 2,160m climbed.

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