Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grape Escape day 3

We slept over at Samburu, about 5 km from Boschendal. I was up early and left at 06:15 to be in time for the 07:00 start. Once again it was a mad rush as soon as the gun went off. Fortunately we first did some fairly flat roads, which gave us ample time to "warm up", but that lasted for only about 2 km, then we encountered the first hill. Once again nothing too serious and the pace remained high. The first "big hill" came at 7 km. 550 meters of climbing in less than 3 km. Then followed a nice, mostly downhiil section of 9 km. Thereafter the climb of the day. 500 meters in 3 km with a final climb of 130 meters during the last 180 meters. The rest of the course was quite senic with some minor ups and downs and some nice single tracks and a couple of wet river crossings. Total time 3 hrs 35 min; 59.09 km; 1108 meters climbing and 2361 kalories burnt. I finished 171 out of 404. Overall I finished 126 out of 400. All in all a wonderful event and another milestone in my preparation for the Freedom Challenge. Next challenge will be the Karoo 1 24 hour race on 9/10 April.

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