Thursday, January 14, 2016

BB2BB - progress

Preparation for BB2BB is progressing well. I have managed to confirm accommodation at 9 of the places where I plan to stay over to date. Most of these are in remote areas. I will not bother to confirm those in bigger areas where it should be easy to find accommodation. There are three places where I have not been able to find any form of accommodation. I have three options for these areas: carry on looking; sleep under the stars; ride through the night! There still are a number of open days where I will be riding alone. I will continue to look for people to join me for these days.

This coming weekend I will be participating in my 7th Attakwas, a 121 km MTB Adventure with 2,500 meters of climbing. Next weekend I will ride in the Oak Valley 24 hour. This will be excellent preparation for my trip.

The pledges to the CANSA fund is standing at R107,500 of which R78,650 have been paid. I am confident that the fund will pass the R125,000 mark and that payments will surpass R100,000 by 1 April.

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