Thursday, July 3, 2014

RASA 2014 Conclusion

So we have reached the end and a dream have been realized!

I must firstly thank the lord Jesus Christ for giving me the strength and determination to pull this through to the end. Without His guidance and protection, I would never have made it.

I must also thank my lovely wife Sue for allowing me to do this. She was diagnosed with breast cancer less than a month before I left and had two operations during the two weeks preceding my departure. Whether I was going to be able to leave her was touch and go, but once again by His great mercy and grace, she recovered to such an extend that I was comfortable in leaving her at home. We were also very fortunate in that the cancer was detected at a very early stage, but she is going for her first chemo treatment on Monday 7 July.

I must also thank my family and friends who I know carried me through this with their prayers. Without you spiritual support I would surely not have made it.

I must thank my sponsors: CABS Car Hire; Procraft Interiors; Linear Redd; Ampal Biltong; Pep Stores who all contribute financially to help cover the costs.

Cycle Direct for providing me with a Specialized Stumpjumper 29er, which performed faultlessly. I had to inflate the rear tyre with a CO2 bomb once after coming of a very rough ride down Aasvoelberg and added a little air twice along the way. I replaced the front brake pads at the beginning of the Baviaanskloof and oiled the chain daily. It ran perfectly all the way in spite of all the abuse caused by the rough terrain we went over.

I must thank George for sticking with me, especially after Coen and Con dropped me after Louterbron. It was a real pleasure to ride with you. We really applied the Afrikaans saying “eet ‘n sak sout saam op” to our experience. It even was a special experience to sleep out at the foot of the Osseberg.
Also to Coen who kept us company for those first 8 days and Con who joined us from Ongeluksnek. Thank you to Leon who formed part of the Oupa, Oom and Laaitjie threesome from the beginning of the Baviaanskloof to the end. A special thanks to Francois who joined us from Montague. You added a special dynamic to our team with your presence and clear mind.

Thank to David Waddilove and the Freedom Challenge staff for putting up such and awesome event. I stand in awe at where some of the tracks took us. It was an experience which I will not change for anything.

A great thank you to all the wonderful people at the support stations. We were fed very well. Some were better than others, but we never left hungry and we could get our washing done when required. We were also always welcome with open arms.

Total distance: 2,170.21 km; total riding time: 193:13:39; total ascent; 42,836 meters.


  1. Amazing achievement and lifetime experience - well done!

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  3. Well done!
    Sue will be in our prayers